Hello, and thanks for stopping by.

Anyone who has a knack for creating a thing or things; whether it is a simple or complex computer application, a game, a song, a story (long and short), a  poem, articles on whatever you fancy, essays that you feel particularly proud of from school or work, a painting, a photograph,   a drawing,  etc… we like feedback, and some of us simply enjoy putting our work out there for others to see.

Art & Expression aims to meet that need by providing a solid online community that will both encourage and inspire growth and development in whatever medias you may be dabbling in.

Every Monday there will be a new post containing all the submission from the previous week. If there are no submissions in a week, there will be a post of something that the Editor feels is fitting. The goal is that there will be a steady flow of content available to the community even if there is no new submission, after all- thought takes time, and good thoughts; doubly so.

We look forward to watching this community grow into strong group of inspired and inspiring people, and can’t wait to see what you have to show us!

– Z. W. Van Kleeck